my january new favorite thing

Do you remember when you were a kid, and your parents would have ailments?…Do you also remember thinking “I hope that never happens to me”?

I have a confession to make: I have a sensitive scalp. I believe it is an early form of psoriasis; straight up dry and scaly. It’s times like this when I wish I would have not said “Hope that never happens to me!” It is giving me a sad reality check for what is to come.

The point of all of this scaly-scalp stuff is that I found something amazing on the week-end!

While enjoying a wonderful morning at the Halifax Seaport Market, I stopped by the Osha Mae Soap stand (Located upstairs, everyone should go!) and I remember thinking to myself “hmm…maybe there will be something here for my scalp…”


At the last second before leaving, I spied with my little eye, an amazing Herbal Hair Rinse! I have to state that this thing should come with some sort of Buckley’s Cough Syrup disclosure: It smells awful, but it works! Like a fool I didn’t open the cap to take a sniff, I assumed it would smell as amazing as the other soaps and oils.

After reading the ingredients, I was 1. convinced that this was something out of Harry Potter and 2. the strong aroma made much more sense. The ingredients list includes the following [in order]: comfrey, white willow, horsetail, nettle, southernwood, mugwart, murdock, APPLE CIDER VINEGAR and distilled water.

The good news is that the smell doesn’t stay! It is intense at first, but rinse thoroughly, and by the time your hair is dry, it is hardly noticeable. My new hair routine includes shampooing with an Aveda shampoo for sensitive scalp, using this Herbal Hair Rinse, towel drying and using Moroccan Oil on the damp ends of my hair.

Before my scalp was feeling oily, scaly, it was sore and I felt like I was constantly scratching at it. It has been 3 days of using the Herbal Hair Rinse and it is a night and day difference! My scalp isn’t oily, it isn’t scaly, and my hair is full of volume! I have fine hair, so volume is something that doesn’t come easily.

I am giving Osha Mae a huge 5 out of 5 for this product! I will be returning to their shop the next time I visit the market and will be trying out more of their products!

Please check out their website, they offer handmade products made locally in Nova Scotia.


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