what is design?

Scandinavian Console Table

This is a question I have thought about many times. Design can be defined as a thought-out plan, drawing or idea to show the look, function or workings of an object before it is created. It is not until we are adults that we can see the thought behind all of the design around us. Design is a noun, a verb, and an entity. This being said, Design can be sophisticated, Design can be a comedian, Design can keep you awake at night or never cross your mind. Design has sex appeal and can make you stop dead in your tracks. It becomes God-like and a path for life.

When Design becomes an obsession it is all you can think about. Ideas spin in your head on a 360 rotation and you cannot stop until every detail is complete. You become encompassed by Design.

For myself, I became enthralled with Design at a young age. Reworking every house, school, restaurant I stepped into. I set out from home the very first chance I had, on this journey to not only find myself but to also find Design: I knew it was out there, and I had to be with it.

Every opportunity that has presented itself to me I have taken; Design as an entity would take me where ever I needed to go. I have completed more in 5 years than I ever thought possible. The commitment I made to Design was the easiest decision I have made, Design’s commitment to me is something that I cherish.

Looking through the eyes of a designer at a world filled with thought is the most incredible way to walk down the street. The passion grows more and more every day to a point where you can feel it at the front of your head, right above your eyes; this pressure that is not enough to be a nuisance, but there enough to be a reminder. A reminder to what you wake up for every day and go to bed thinking about every night.

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scandinavian design

I’m often asked: “What is your favorite style?” Well…until recently I haven’t been able to answer.
In a world of endless possibilities [and trust me, they are endless!], it is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the options to every conceivable style.
So…this being said…I have found myself turning to the Scandinavian style. There is something about the elegant workmanship, the strong contrasts, natural woods and layering of beautiful photographs and paintings that make me feel refreshed and inspired.
So here, everyone, be inspired.

Dining Room 1

Living Room 2

Living Room 3

Living Room 1

winter windows

I work at an amazing furniture store in downtown Halifax: Attica Furnishings. This business has been a lifelong obsession for me, and since working there I have learned so much and have been given many opportunities to do my own thing and really pursue my goals.

One night about a year ago, I had a dream that I  had created an exquisite window display for a special sale at work. My idea seemed to be right out of a photo shoot. It was sexy, it was stylish, it has raw edges and gave me goosebumps. A few days later I threw the idea off of one of the owners and they went with it! I took the lead and contacted one of my most favorite companies, G.Romano Inc. We chatted about the idea of having a sale on Special Order items…now I have to add that this had never been done before in the history of Attica!

February it would be…which means there was not a lot of time to get things done!! My inspiration for the window display came from G.Romano itself (see below). Although we didn’t have this sectional in stock and my colour scheme needed to be a little less spring and a little more winter-time-in-Nova-Scotia.

My space to use was just down the street from Attica in the Roy Building…although now gutted for remodeling, the space was open, didn’t leak and had direct windows on Barrington St. Through many trips of taking down furniture and accessories, we go the space together: including painting old doors from Attica’s basement to give the space some depth and character.

In the featured photo at the top, you will see the Byward sectional, Seville chairs (all from G.Romano) and a remake of a classic Noguchi coffee table.

It has been a year now and it seems like this sale will now be an annual event! Since then I have created a full G.Romano gallery at Attica which I hope will help us promote the very well made Canadian products we bring in.

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queen anne project.

Today I would like to share one of my projects that I designed in 2012. It is now in the building process and it is coming to life very well. My inspiration was found in the details and historical beauty of the Queen Anne from the Victorian Era.

The modern floor plan is made up of the following:

3,600 sq. ft. | 2.5 bathrooms | 3 bedrooms | exercise room | attached garage | main floor laundry | separate living and family room | large master suite…with an amazing view of the ocean!

I am very excited to see how this will look when it is finished. I cannot describe the great feeling that comes with seeing something you imagined on paper come to life in front of you.

Cheers to following your dreams!


September 2013

September 2013

entry two.

Well well well… It appears that I did not follow through with what I had set out to do. Looking back on it, I had next to no time to responsibly take on the task of maintaining a great blog…and why would I want to have a bad blog? Since I now have 1.5 hours a day to dedicate to things that I enjoy, I figured that this would be a good time to take up what I wanted to be my new hobby almost a year ago. So….HERE IT GOES! I PROMISE to now post weekly some informative-information about one of the following: design, style, colour, one of my projects, and snippets of things that I find inspiring and amazing! Cheers to creative style & intelligent design. A

Clue to the post: Scandinavian Design.

Clue to the post: Scandinavian Design.